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Thanks to everyone who joined the August 8th Haiti Emergency Relief Fund webinar featuring Haiti’s former First Lady Mildred Aristide, actor/activist Danny Glover, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Laura Flynn, Dr. Henri Ford, Ira Kurzban and K’Ronna Harmon. If you missed it, we invite you to watch this deeply engaging program HERE.

With a focus on Haiti’s health care crisis, the program is a seminar on Haitian resilience and unrelenting fight for dignity and human rights, told through the lens of the remarkable work of the University of the Aristide Foundation [UNIFA] which offers access to education and health care for all Haitians without exclusion.

Mildred Aristide opened her remarks by saying: “My goal today is to show you that a teaching hospital in Haiti, no matter how far away Haiti may sound from where you are sitting right now this afternoon, intersects with the global struggle across the world that is converging into one struggle for human dignity.” Watch this moving program and give what you can to support UNIFA.  Thank you for your continued solidarity with the Haitian people’s struggle.

Mildred Trouillot Aristide, former First Lady of Haiti, is an attorney, author and a member of the Board of Administration of the Université de la Fondation Dr. Aristide (UNIFA). Mrs. Aristide will discuss the current health crisis in Haiti, including the impact of COVID-19, and will report on the remarkable work of UNIFA. Since reopening in 2011, UNIFA has graduated 230 new doctors, 78 new nurses, 8 physiotherapists and 30 lawyers, providing young people in Haiti with the skills and knowledge to lead their country forward. Now UNIFA is launching its most ambitious project to date, a Campaign For Dignity to construct a new medical center and teaching hospital.

Also presenting:
 Danny Glover – Actor and activist; has visited Haiti numerous times and has been a steadfast supporter of the work of UNIFA. Laura Flynn – Author and educator who lived in Haiti from 1994-2000. Ms. Flynn remains deeply involved in Haiti’s struggle for democracy and human dignity. She now works as the Minnesota State Advisor for the Movement Voter Project.
 Henri Ford, MD, MHA – Dean and Chief Academic Officer of the University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine. A Haitian-born pediatric surgeon, Dr. Ford returns regularly to Haiti to provide medical care.
 Ira Kurzban – Civil rights and immigration attorney who has spent decades fighting for the rights of immigrants and refugees, including those from Haiti. Mr. Kurzban was counsel for the Government of Haiti from 1991-2004.
 K’Ronna Harmon – Umoja Scholar, president of the Black Student Union at Foothill College and a member of Students for Haiti Solidarity.