Haiti Action Committee is honored to share this unofficial translation of a recent press release from Fanmi Lavalas Political Organization, the people’s party in Haiti.  The statement was issued at a moment of massive protests demanding the ouster of U.S.-backed dictator,  Jovenel Moise.  It highlights the continuing impact of the February 29, 2004 coup that overthrew the democratically elected government of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, and stresses the critical importance of community self-defense at a time of brutal repression against the popular movement. We hope you will read this powerful message and distribute it widely.

Fanmi Lavalas Political Organization Press Release
March 2, 2021

Fanmi Lavalas salutes the Haitian people for the colossal February 28th demonstration. As is evident, our struggle is arriving at the crossroads of self-defense. Bravo to all the actors from civil society who have rejoined the struggle of the Haitian people. If, like Fanmi Lavalas, you had started to mobilize after the 2017 electoral coup d’etat, today we would not have a full blown and well entrenched dictatorship. The more all of us victims join in mobilizing together, the closer we will come to uproot the system. Hats off to all!

Indeed, today’s reality clearly lays bare the truth. If there had not been a February 29, 2004 kidnapping coup d’etat, today we would not have a government of kidnappers that causes each and every Haitian citizen to go about with his or her own coffin.

Yes, ever since the 2004 coup d’etat, the masses have never ceased to experience more and more suffering. Massacres, repression, misery, starvation, unemployment, bullets, tear gas, kidnapping… and more. The criminals have not stopped stealing the lands of the peasants. If we can’t go to school, can’t eat, can’t have decent housing, if we don’t have potable water to drink, if we don’t have security, if they are kidnapping us, it is a direct consequence of the 2004 kidnapping coup d’etat.

The February 28th demonstration shows that we are reaching a juncture that will require self-defense. It is a sacred and legitimate right to defend oneself. It will be at this crossroads of our struggle that victory will come forth. No matter what, we must establish a transition with a Sali Piblik government – a government for the public’s safety. The solution is in the hands of we the people, we the majority, we who are the mightiest power.

The dew of tyranny gleams until the sun of the majority population arises.

Alone we are weak,
Together we are strong,
All together we are Lavalas

For the Executive Committee,
Dr. Maryse Narcisse
Joel Edouard Vorbe
Dr. Myrtho Julien
Agronomist Anthony Dessources