Haiti Action Committee is honored to distribute this statement from Fanmi Lavalas, the people’s party of Haiti, on the recent devastating earthquake. We extend our deepest condolences and solidarity to the thousands of Haitian families who have experienced so much loss as a result of the earthquake.

Statement From Fanmi Lavalas, August 14, 2021
(unofficial translation from Kreyol by Haiti Action Committee)

In addition to Haiti’s many challenges, the suffering and the disasters, today again, August 14, 2021, the country has experienced a natural disaster. A powerful earthquake.

It is with great sadness that the National Representative, Dr. Jean-Bertrand Aristide and the Executive Committee learned that this earthquake has taken the lives of our brothers and sisters in the Sid, Sides, Nip and Grandans departments.

Fanmi Lavalas offers its condolences to the relatives of all the victims. The country is devastated and has become more devastated under the watch of this government of murderers.

During these painful times, Fanmi Lavalas encourages all of us to be in solidarity with each other, even in small ways, because when one of us has a fever, our collective body feels the heat.

Alone we are weak
Together we are strong
All together, we are LAVALAS

Executive Committee of Fanmi Lavalas.
Dr. Maryse Narcisse
M. Joël Vorbe
Dr. Jean Myrto Julien
Agr. Anthony Dessources