Haiti Action Committee is honored to circulate this statement from grassroots organizations in Haiti. Written on the 30th anniversary of Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s victory in Haiti’s first democratic presidential election on December 16th,1990, the statement denounces the repression and terror being committed by the regime of Jovenel Moise.

Banner in Haiti on the 30th anniversary of Haiti’s first free and democratic elections

We urge you to read and circulate this powerful message. Please join with us in this New Year to stand in solidarity with the people of Haiti and to demand that the U.S. government end its support for the Moise dictatorship.

Best wishes for the New Year and thank you for your support,

Haiti Action Committee


Translated Letter from grassroots organizations in Haiti

On the 30th anniversary of the historic elections of December 16, 1990, we thank everyone outside of Haiti who has stood in solidarity with our struggle to live as human beings.

We say: No to kidnappings, No to on-going massacres in working-class neighborhoods, and all other violent attacks.

We say: Stop the human rights abuses, assassinations and all other forms of political persecutions, including the mass incarceration of people who demonstrate to defend their rights.

We say: No to a brutal, criminal regime that is restoring dictatorship in the land of Jean-Jacques Dessalines.

Let us continue to struggle in solidarity with each other for a Haiti where our children can live with social justice, economic prosperity and political freedom. We will never forget the principles embodied in the great victory of December 16, 1990.

Long live the resistance of the Haitian people!

We salute and honor your solidarity!

Signed by the following organizations:

Groupement des Etudiants (Student Organization)

Asosyasyon Machann Anbilan (Vendors Cooperative)

Reseau Planteurs Nord (Peasant-Farmers Organization)

Federation des Femmes du Nord (Women’s Organization)

Gwoupman Plante Plenn Okay (Peasant-Farmers Organization)

Association des Jeunes pour le Developpement de Saint-Raphaël (Youth Organization)

Conseil Organisationel des Etudiants Revoltes (Student Organization)

Tet Kole Peyizan Sid (Peasant-Farmers Organization)

Organisation des Femmes Volontaires de Saint-Raphael (Women’s Organization.)

Kodinasyon Machann Aken (Vendors Cooperative)

Groupement Planteurs Nord (Peasant-Farmers Organization)

Asosiyasyon Baie du Mesle (Community Organization)

Centre de Devloppement du Nord (Community Organization)

Kowodinasyon Elev Sid (Student Organization)

Kolektif Etidyan Pwofesyonel Nò (Student Organization)

Fanm Vanyan Sides (Women’s Organization)

Oganizasyon Teknisyen Agrikol pou yon Nouvo Saint- Raphael (Agricultural Technicians Organization)

Mouvement National Citoyen (Community Organization)

Asosiyasyon Machann Gran Rivye (Vendors Cooperative)

Baz Popile No (Coalition of Community Organizations)

Groupe de Reflexion Equilibree (Community Organization)