Join the Haiti Solidarity Contingent!

 Haiti Solidarity Rally
10AM January 16th

Oakland Federal Bldg
1301 Clay Street

March to Oscar Grant Plaza for
MLK Day March

  • Defend Haiti’s Right to Free and Fair Elections
  • Stop Police Repression in Haiti and the United States
  • End the US/UN Occupation of Haiti

Stand with the valiant people of Haiti as they resist US occupation and foreign exploitation. Heed the call for solidarity from 68 Haitian grassroots organizations:

“Nou Pap Obeyi—We say NO, WE WILL NOT OBEY ILLEGITIMATE OFFICIALS. Self-defense is a legitimate universal law. Civil-disobedience is an accepted universal right when a people confronts an illegal regime. The right to elect a government is universally accepted as a way for people to protect its existence. Today, confronted by the danger presented by local and international colonialists, the Haitian people have started a RESISTANCE FOR EXISTENCE movement. They ask for people to people solidarity from everywhere on the planet.”