Solidarity with Christian and Vladimir

2/2/21: Haiti Action Committee Statement on the Treatment of Christian Laporte and Vladimir Fardin by US Immigration Authorities On January 17th, 2021, the US Customs and Border Protection (CPD) authorities…

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Social Media Solidarity Actions

Week of Solidarity with Haiti, Dec 10–16th From Dec 10–16, we will raise our voices in solidarity on social media and demand an end to US support for the illegitimate…

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Stop Massacres in Haiti
Gregory Saint-Hilaire with sign: Down with Weapons! Long Live Education!

Stop Massacres in Haiti

Stop the Massacres in Haiti! End US/UN Support for the Criminal Regime of Jovenel Moise! Demand that the US Stop Funding the Haitian Police and Propping Up the Regime of…

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Learning from Haiti

by Adrianne Aron Pierre Labossiere, who has long had his finger on the pulse of his native country Haiti, writes in “Resisting COVID-19 in Haiti” that Haitians can see through…

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Human Rights Delegates Condemn Political Massacres

Human Rights Delegation Condemns Political Massacres Tied 
to Haiti’s Government Investigation reveals attacks in Lasalin, Tokyo and Site Vinsant neighborhoods, rather than simply gang warfare, were retaliation for anti-government protests…

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