What: International Human Rights Day 2022 Mobilization

When: Friday, December 9, 2022 @ 5pm

Where: Federal Building (90 7th St.), Downtown SF

RSVP HERE:  https://tinyurl.com/ihrdsf22

In solidarity with grassroots organizations such as Black Alliance for Peace, San Francisco Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines, Haiti Action Committee, CISPES, Malaya Movement SF, Hands Off Yemen, Myanmar Student Union, and many others fighting for human rights in the US and abroad, we would like to formally invite you to attend Unite & Fight for Our Rights, Lives and Planet! on Friday, December 9, 2022 at 5PM.

Human Rights Day is internationally observed every year on December 10 after the UN General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1984. However, despite this landmark declaration at the highest international stage, human rights conditions across the world have only continued to worsen.

For example, the people of Yemen have suffered famine and bombings under the US-backed and Saudi-led coalition’s war of aggression for the past seven years. In Haiti and much of Latin America, US intervention and arming of reactionary forces has led to worsening economic conditions such as bloated costs of oil and food. The Philippines remains one of the deadliest countries for environmental activists, journalists, and human rights defenders under the US-backed Marcos regime. In the US,  Black, Indigenous, and communities of color face the worst impacts of inflation and repressive policing.

This Dec 9th, let’s raise our voices,  united in our collective demand that our basic, fundamental rights be upheld. In the face of these worsening conditions, and rather than waiting for politicians or NGO’s to save us, the masses of oppressed peoples across the world take up the struggle for genuine peace, democracy, and self-determination.

We call on not just human rights defenders or activists to join us, but all communities who are determined to fight for the rights of our peoples here and abroad, to join us Friday, December 9, 2022 @ 5pm at the Federal Building (90 7th St.) in SF for our mobilization. Together, we’ll learn more about our different struggles and collectively amplify our shared demands!

Here are ways to get involved:

  • JOIN THE PLANNING COMMITTEE: Our planning meetings take place every Tuesday from 6-7:30pm leading up to the action. Here is the registration link (good for all meetings): https://tinyurl.com/ihrdsfplan22

Stop Militarizing Our Communities!

End Repression & Exploitation of Workers!

STOP AFRICOM & Close the 800+ U.S. foreign military bases!


Free All Political Prisoners!

Activism is not Terrorism! No to Terror-Tagging!

US – Stop Funding & Arming Dictators!

Feed the People, Not the War Machine!

Respect People’s Rights to Self Determination! 

Uphold People-Centered Human Rights!

Defend Indigenous Rights!

No US Tax Dollars for Bloodshed!



Anakbayan Daly City

Bay Area Black Alliance for Peace

Cal-Nev Philippine Solidarity Taskforce

Bay Area Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador


Haiti Action Committee

Hands Off Yemen

Justice 4 Brandon Lee Coalition

Malaya Movement SF

Myanmar Student Union

Palestinian Youth Movement

Party for Socialism and Liberation Bay Area

Resist US-Led War

San Francisco Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines