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● Stop the massacres! Stop using our tax dollars to fund the brutal Haitian National Police and affiliated death squads
● Stop supporting the dictatorship of Ariel Henry
● Stop blocking, attacking, and deporting Haitian refugees
● Support the Haitian people’s struggle for liberation and their own transition government free from interference by the US and the Core Group
● End the occupation! Sovereignty and self-determination for Haiti

On Haitian Flag Day, May 18th, Haiti Action Committee and organizations across the US and in other countries are mobilizing actions to denounce US and foreign intervention in Haiti – demonstrations, educational events, social media blasts, calls to elected officials – to build momentum to support the movement for democracy in Haiti. Join one or make one! Use the hashtag #standwithhaiti on social media posts. End the ongoing nightmare Haitians are forced to endure, as they are shot dead in the streets, burned alive in their homes, and their resources plundered by an unelected cabal of murderers and thieves. Denounce US and foreign intervention and US/Core Group support for the criminal corrupt regime of Ariel Henry and his PHTK party.
In London and Philadelphia, the Global Women’s Strike will hold protests. In Washington, D.C., The Black Alliance for Peace and Code Pink, will hold a picket at 11 AM  in front of the Organization of American States. Other actions in solidarity with Haiti are planned for Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Colorado, San Pedro, Belize, Guyana. Join one or make one! Use the hashtag #standwithhaiti on social media posts.

Ongoing Actions:

Call, tweet, and email these demands to your Representatives in the House by going to https://www.house.gov/representatives, your Senators by going to https://www.senate.gov/senators/senators-contact.htm, and President Biden by going to https://www.whitehouse.gov/get-involved/write-or-call/
Call between 11 AM and 3 PM EST or 8 AM to Noon PT. Tweet Biden @POTUS and text him at 302-404-0880.
Call or tweet UN Secretary-General António Guterres with the same demands ph: (212) 963-7160 and tweet him at @antonioguterres

Co-sponsors: All African People’s Revolutionary Party [A-APRP], ANSWER Coalition-SF Bay Area, BAYAN-USA, Bay Area Cuba Solidarity Network, Bay Area Alliance for A Sustainable Puerto Rico [BAASPR], Black Alliance for Peace, Caminante Cultural Foundation, Center for Gender & Refugee Studies, CODE PINK, Communist Workers’ League, East Bay Sanctuary Covenant [EBSC], Ecumenical Peace Institute, Four Nations Solidarity Coalition/California, Fuerza Mundial – Women of the Americas, Global Exchange, Global Women’s Strike, Haiti Justice Committee of Minnesota, Human Agenda, International Action Center, Justice Vanguard, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Moratorium Now, National Lawyers Guild SF, New Afrikan People’s Organization [NAPO], New York City Jericho Movement, Payday Men’s Network, People’s Eye Photography, People’s Organization for Progress, Priority Africa Network, SF Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines [SF CHRP], Socialist Action, Task Force on the Americas, United Black Association for Development Educational Foundation [UEF, Belize], US Palestinian Community Network [USPCN], Venceremos Brigade Bay Area Committee, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) Santa Cruz, CA, USA branch, Women of Color in the Global Women’s Strike, Workers World Party

For information on what is happening in Haiti and the US role, go to:

To donate to the grassroots movement in Haiti, go to www.haitiemergencyrelief.org