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Haiti Action Committee is honored to publish this press release from Fanmi Lavalas, the people’s party of Haiti. Released on December 16th, 2022, the statement commemorates the first democratic election in Haiti’s history, in which the people of Haiti chose Jean-Bertrand Aristide as their president. It draws on the lessons of that victory and the U.S.-orchestrated coup d’etat that followed, to analyze Haiti’s current crisis. We hope you will read the statement and share it widely.

Fanmi Lavalas Press Release December 16, 2022
(unofficial translation from Kreyol by Haiti Action Committee)

December 16, 1990, after a general mobilization that brought together all sectors of society and the majority of organized groups in the country, the people of Haiti won a historic victory in their relentless struggle for their Dignity, and for Democracy to flourish in the country.

For the first time in our history, the will of the majority expressed with its ballot had to be respected. With this victory, the population had given a big lesson in democracy, and it had chosen President Aristide to be the flag bearer for change and the demands of the majority.  Faced with the commitment and determination of the population, the reactionary forces had to retreat. This was a great moment in our history.

This date, December 16, 1990, has a great deal of importance for us Haitians. This historic victory is a great source of light to brighten the road to deliverance, as this repressive exploitative system is a cancer that has spread all over the body of our society.

The truth speaks for itself:  During the 7 months after the victory of December 16, 1990, change was clearly happening.

The truth speaks for itself: It was to block this change that the criminals carried out a coup d’etat against the Lavalas government.

The truth speaks for itself: If there had not been a coup d’etat, today many of the beautiful dreams of the Haitian people would have already materialized.  With justice, transparency, participation, there would be food for everyone, housing for everyone, schools for all and health care for all.

32 years after the victory of December 16, 1990, we are witnessing how the anti-democratic forces have failed. They have failed because the country has become a hell on earth. Everywhere is kidnapping, insecurity, misery, hunger, excessive cost of living, corruption, economic crimes, political crimes in a hell that is called a country.

The way out of this burning fire is for us to retake the road of December 16, that is the road that leads directly to security for everyone. To arrive at another democratic election, we must first establish security for everyone.

It is possible.
We did it before.
We can do it again.
We have to come together in agreement, for “Unity Makes Us Strong”.

Fanmi Lavalas salutes the memory of all the compatriots who have already offered their lives for this deliverance with the hope that we will rebuild a Haiti where everyone will have peace of mind and peace in the stomach.

The transition that the Haitian people want cannot take us from bad to worse. No. The transition that the Haitian people want is a complete break with this system of corruption to put an end to this ever-boiling cauldron of misery.

Haiti is for Haitians.
Haitians can save Haiti.

Alone we are weak, Together we are strong, All Together WE ARE LAVALAS 

For the Executive Committee

Dr. Maryse Narcisse
M. Joėl Edouard Vorbe
Agr. Anthony Dessources
Dr. Jean Myrto Julien