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San Francisco Demonstration

Haiti Action Committee and Community Denounce Murderous Coup Regime in Haiti

By Dave Welsh

March 1, 2021 SF Protest in Solidarity with Haiti
Credit: Scott Braley

Waving Haitian flags, a crowd of 80 demonstrated here March 1st to mark the anniversary of the bloody US-backed coup d’etat in 2004 that overthrew the popular government of Jean-Bertrand Aristide. The beloved former president was kidnapped and flown to Africa on a US military plane, beginning a seven year period of forced exile from Haiti. The coup shattered the work of the most progressive government in Haitian history.

Carrying hand-lettered signs, the demonstrators protested the serial massacres in working class neighborhoods in Haiti, the arbitrary arrests, detentions of human rights defenders, and the wave of kidnappings for ransom also connected to the current coup regime of the dictatorial Jovenel Moise, backed by the US government.

The protest began at the library across from San Francisco City Hall and marched to the Simon Bolivar statue, highlighting the historical solidarity between Haiti and the Americas. The closing rally was at United Nations Plaza where marchers denounced U.N. complicity and armed support for the brutal coup regime that has been imposed on the Haitian people. Haiti was a founding member of the United Nations.

The demonstration was called by Haiti Action Committee with support from many community organizations including the Arab Resource and Organizing Center; Answer Coalition; Black Student Union/Foothill College; Black Alliance for Peace; Global Exchange; Global Women’s Strike; International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity; Justice Vanguard; NICCA; NorCal TPS Coalition; Prisoners Solidarity Committee of Workers World Party; San Francisco Labor Council; Students for Haiti Solidarity; School of the Americas Watch; and Task Force on the Americas.

Tacuma King accompanies March 1, 2021 protest. Photo Credit: Bill Hackwell

The San Francisco action is part of a campaign by Haiti Action Committee and allies to make Haiti visible and to demand that the Biden Administration end US support for the Jovenel Moise dictatorship and end US funding of the repressive Haitian police. The campaign has featured bannering over freeways in Oakland, San Francisco, Berkeley and Palo Alto with participation via social media by supporters all around the world.

Demonstrators demanded:● End US and UN support for the dictatorship of Jovenel Moise● End recognition of the government of Jovenel Moise as of February 7th, 2021 as required by Haiti’s constitution● Stop funding of the criminal Haitian police and security forces● Stop ICE deportation of Haitians

To support the grassroots movement in Haiti, please donate to the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund at www.haitiemergencyrelief.org