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Haiti Action Committee joins with Haiti’s popular movement to strongly condemn calls for an expanded foreign military occupation of Haiti. Turning to the UN Security Council, the OAS, and the US government to “stabilize” the crisis in Haiti today is like pleading with arsonists to put out fires they have ignited.

Come Out to Demand An End to US/UN Occupation of Haiti! Say No to Foreign Military Intervention in HaitiPartial list of endorsers:

Afrikan Children’s Advanced Learning Center

All-African People’s Revolutionary Party

Anti Police-Terror Project

ANSWER Coalition

Arab Resource Organizing Center


Bay Area Youth Arts

Black Alliance for Peace – Bay Area

Catalyst Project

Center for Political Education

Chiapas Support Committee – Oakland


Code Pink

Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines

Communist Workers League

East Bay Democratic Socialists of America

East Bay Sanctuary Covenant

Ecumenical Peace Institute/CALC

Freedom Archives

Global Exchange

Global Women’s Strike

International Action Center

Justice Vanguard

Kemet Foundation

National Lawyers Guild, San Francisco/Bay Area

Pan Afrikan People’s Organization

People’s Alliance-Bay Area


Students for Haiti Solidarity

Task Force on the Americas

UNIA/African Community League RC 2020


Venceremos Brigade

​​Veterans for Peace, #162, East Bay

Workers World Party