Lavalas rally
Women's demonstration
women applauding
women protesting in the street
man holding Aristide poster
Lavalas rally
Nou pap obeyi

The people of Haiti want life not death. They want peace not violence. They want democracy not repression. —Jean-Bertrand Aristide

Electoral Coup

The deteriorating economic and social conditions in Haiti will be the catalyst for renewed protest in the days and months ahead. “There is no choice,” Maryse Narcisse stated, “but for the people to resist. And Lavalas will be there to support them.”

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News & Publications

Learn about Haiti’s history and keep abreast of current events. Cut through the disinformation with analysis from people in the know.

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Robbing Haiti

Haiti’s hunger crisis is no accident. The story of how the US undermined Haiti’s domestic rice industry explains why a nation of farmers can no longer feed itself.

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