Lavalas rally
Women's demonstration
women applauding
women protesting in the street
man holding Aristide poster
Lavalas rally
Nou pap obeyi

The people of Haiti want life not death. They want peace not violence. They want democracy not repression. —Jean-Bertrand Aristide

Haiti 2017

In 2017 Haiti finds itself with a “president” who would never have won an honest election. A tiny number of ruling families backed by the US, Canada, and France has imposed an imperial ruler on an unwilling population.

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News & Publications

Learn about Haiti’s history and keep abreast of current events. Cut through the disinformation with analysis from people in the know.

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Renew TPS!

We denounce the Trump Administration decision to end TPS for Haitians. We extend our solidarity to TPS and DACA recipients and all refugees and immigrants under attack.

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