BLACK LOVE BEYOND BORDERS TEACH-IN: What's Happening in Haiti - Sunday, May 22nd 6-8PM in OaklandGet the latest information about where the struggle for democracy in Haiti stands, how the United States is trying to subvert it, and how we can show our solidarity with Haiti's grassroots movement. Read More

HAITI RISES: A TIME FOR SOLIDARITY by Nia Imara and Robert Roth"A people canít be sovereign if they donít have the right to vote. No people can retain their dignity if their vote does not count." From a Statement Issued by 68 Haitian Grassroots Organizations Read More

HAITI'S VERIFICATION COMMISSION: A Step in the Right Direction by MARILYN LANGLOISMarilyn Langlois reports on US attempts to block democracy in Haiti and the resolve of Haiti's popular movement to resist captured in the slogan WE WILL NOT OBEY! Read More

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